Friday, May 15, 2015

Money cant buy what God has blessed upon you

Salam to all of you readers, may Allah SWT bless you always. Salam buat pembaca budiman yang dirahmati Allah SWT.

The world is now somehow telling us that being rich and living luxurious lifestyle is ultimate goal in life. People keep talking of finding ways to be rich. But we forgot that God has blessed us with blessings that money cant buy. Why don't we find some time to appreciate precious gifts given to us.

Can our money BUY any of God's blessing below?

1. Ability to see with our eyes
2. Ability to breathe
3. Ability to move
4. Ability to feel and taste
5. Having good emotions such as love
6. Health

The list can go on and on, but a little of God's blessing can't match any 'luxury' people chase all their lives.

So all I'm saying is that sometimes we need to be thankful and appreciate with what we have rather than saying that everything is never enough. 

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