Friday, May 8, 2015

Tolerate. My point of view.

My point of view on toleration, hope it is worth sharing and will make a good difference.

Greetings to all. In current world unrest situation, there are many negative things going on and also biased/misleading perceptions on certain things, values and towards people in general.

It is very natural the fact that although human beings are biologically the same but our features, values, traits, opinions, cultures, behaviors and actions may differ. There are so many factors affecting this situation such as media influence, education and culture among others.

In this world, we have to accept the fact that we co-exist despite our differences, and therefore this is when toleration comes in, to be able to tolerate with each other and make this world a safe and happy place to live in. If we choose to be ignorant most of the time, we would not be able to tolerate and in future we might regret our previous actions when it is too late, most of the time cannot be undone.

After my observation of all the chaos happening around the world, I'm concerned about future generations if they are going to have the chance to live harmoniously regardless of race, religion, geographical differences and social hierarchy status.

I hope together we could learn to tolerate each other in every way, respect each other and sometimes we have to be moderate in many issues, precisely not being to extreme in life situations, most common on cultures, way of life and religion. Stop hating due to unclear facts, get our facts straight and reason before coming to conclusion. Start tolerating and make this world a safe and happy place to live in. From neighborhood to neighborhood and later collectively globally.

This is my plea to the world, make this life a meaningful one for everyone with tolerance, after all we only have one chance at life, so make it worth. 

Yours truly, World Citizen.

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